June- Start Music Thursdays from 6pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 8pm to 11pm

Summer Happy Hour Saturday and Sunday from 11:30-6pm

June 1- Vincent DeBellis

June 2- Chris Kemp       Captain Morgan Promotion 8pm-10pm

June 3- Sprout

June 8- Kelly & Mason 6-9pm

June 9- The Woodwork 8-11pm

June 10- Gator Nate 8-11pm

June 15- Vincent DeBellis

June 16- Bill Colletti

June 17- Crooked Gypsy   Ketel One promotion 6:30-8:30

June 22- Marley

June 23- Nick Ramos

June 24- Ex-Bachelor’s

June 2p- Java Moon 6-9pm

June 30- The Woodwork